It's an ephemeral book made to highlight the reality behind the utopia of the Declaration of Human Rights. There is still a lot of violation of those one, and once you are interested by the reality, you can't erase this from your mind.

I wanted to show the utopia of this declaration on the usual way of reading the book, in comparaison of reality and violations of those one. The reader have to be curious, and see what is behind the articles of Human Rights who are written on the other sides of pages, by cutting the corner. This book object is a metaphor by the way you are reading it, after cutting the page to see "the reality" you can't go back, and see the book as you saw it at the beginning.

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Human's rights. Utopia/reality.

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Book Size: 175 x 230 mm

Printing Technique: Digital Printing

Paper (cover): Coated paper 260g

Paper (book block): Canson Paper 150g

Language: English

Pages: 56

Utopia part.

Example of the first way of reading.

Reality part.

If you are curious about Human Rights

(between the pages) you could find

the reality and violations related.