UX / UI Webdesign — Melkweg

workshop with one of Grrr's graphic designer.


Melkweg is a famous hall concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands well -known for its eclectic line-up. Gathering in the same  building different community to the pop from the heavy style of music.

It website already had a calendar functionnality for who knows which kind of music they want to listen to, music lovers have just  to click on a box which provides a calendar filter by them choice.

Goal: Create a page for one community of music lovers (example: Pop community)

Show more than a information page, push the user in an immersive online experience who reflects the community.


Role: Motion Design + UX / UI Design with Laureen Minet (illustration from her).

Heavy community.

The first thing who came in our mind is the grunge / metal / hardrock outfit  who seems really from a dark culture, however like the other musical genre, there is a lot of different type of people who appreciate this style. We decide to show a melting-pot of person with a colorful pattern of illustration representing each characters.

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Usefull  and necessary
informations to make it intuitive.


Using the guidelines of Melkweg identity, we develop the grunge aspect on the card byusing a pattern on our design with some color touch on it.