Creation of a chocolate’s brand

Branding — Packaging — Web design.


Origin's collection includes 12 differents packaging through various packaging design.

Calligraphy is used for the packaging design to accentuate the traditionnal influence of the brand.

First of all I had to choose what will be the editorial line for this new brand before starting to work on the visual communication of it. Once I found it, I work on a calligraphic patterns to accentuate the concept of the brand to use it on the packaging. After I build the visual identity I had to think about how to show it to the futur customers, so the next step was to create a web design.

The mark OA presents itself as an independent brand on the market of chocolate bars.  One of its biggest concerns is to offer the possibilities of discovering various flavors that can bring every cul-ture all over the world. Navigating through the most popular flavors cocoa powder produced locally.


This collection seek to extend our knowledge and open ourself to new horizons in terms of flavor of cocoa. Proving the quality of artisan’s cocoa around the world. Origins will give you the taste of traveling.


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Concept of  OA's
chocolate brand.


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Let them discover

the world's wealth.

Underline the spirit of traveling, authenticity and discovery, this is the essential objective of the brand OA. The strategy is simple, highlight the product, give them a taste for trying new cocoa, but also keep in mind the values of the brand. The identity of OA is based on this statement of principles :


Support craftworkers  /  Authenticity

Discovery  /  Know-how  /  Traveling  /  Human being

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